Artist's Statement

Many view hip-hop as an aural gateway to a vicarious slice of life, except for those who are born into the all-encompassing and ever expansive possibilities of this life.  Witness the visual gateway to this slice of life in this series.  Color seen by some as flat is given new depth and meaning as it dives into the core of this sonic landscape.  Color is now texture. Texture now becomes tone. Tone in this series becomes a colorful, jagged metaphor bursting with content much like the music itself.

What first appears as a contemporary signpost for modern life is actually an archeological dig into our perceptions about this musical form and its implications.  Do we see the African designs interwoven into the fabric of this series? How does the interplay between the recent hip-hop artifacts in this series and our own perceived values affect our senses?  Do we see the obvious, or can we see more? Therein lies the complexity of this work.  What appears at first glance to be a hip-hop visual is actually an examination of a period in the life of the music. Those who lived it recognize it immediately.  This then is an introduction to many others.

My "Color of the Beat" series challenges the rear view perspective of artistic expression and dives into the world as we know it.  It also explores the possibilities we have yet to comprehend.  The distant past is captured only in the themes of the universe unearthed in this collection of recent historical Hip-Hop events. Look then, look again.  As we move toward the future the images grow more familiar with each truth they unveil.  This then becomes a series that grows with time.  Each piece and each new piece grows with the music.