Photo by  My City Paper

Photo by My City Paper

A graduate of the University of the Arts, Glenn was drawn to architecture and illustration for its discipline and structure. Eventually, Glenn was confronted with the fact that architecture was ten percent drawing and 80 percent mathematics. Abandoning architecture, illustration became G's focal point giving him enough grounding to give him a clear perspective to where he wanted to go.

Very early on, G discovered the values of black and white as a personal guide when approaching polycromatic structure. During this period, he became more liberated when he encountered the works of Sam Gilliam and Isamu Naguchi. These and other like minded artists had influences on his work, but the biggest influence came with his experinence with Buddhism and Taoism. These influence him to this day, and have a profound effect on the way Glenn see's things.


"My objective is to question the nature of my subject, to transform what is perceived to be uncomfortable, or even ugly into something else, that challenges the mental phenomena to make a radical interrogation of the work and to bring the viewer into harmony with my work".